Most Popular Casino Parlour Tricks

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1. No watches

It is surprising that many people actually do not wear watches. The casinos know this and will not help people stay abreast of the time. It is a fact that when someone is involved in an activity for some time apparently leads to a pace more rapid for them, and rarely see people more concentrated than a casino .

2. Lights, sounds and activity

A casino is a wonderful and fascinating compendium of stimulation: the sound of bells, sirens, flashing lights, the sound of coins falling from the machines, beeps sound digital , everything is fascinating. Why is fascinating? Because it is non-verbal communication saying: “Win Win Win!!!”.

3. Location of services

If you want to use the bathroom, go eat something , or collect their chips, should you look at what ‘s deep in the bowels of the casino . Often these services are located as far as possible. This is a last ditch effort to keep it inside and you have to walk all over the place again and go through all the tempting machines and games. You just cash in your winnings and maybe thinks he can try his luck one last time before leaving.

4. Close to win

Together to winning, nothing makes you feel more adrenaline almost win and the feeling that almost took the money from casino . But if the casinos give money to almost everyone who won, they were just after a day. Each game, either a table or a machine, are designed to pay small gains in the short term, but will eventually take more of your money in the long run.

5. Alcohol

This could have gone into the category of gifts, but should be treated independently. It’s so obvious and transparent, a trick as promotional gifts, but can become much more powerful. Drinks working for the casino . First, they are free. Unless there is a teetotaler, who does not love free drinks? Waitresses pacing the casino , full trays of various drinks at all times. It’s no secret why keep the player happy and joyful feeling.