Play to win Roulette Tricks

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What I will explain in this post are basically a couple of ways I consider myself, are a very good option for making money on roulette and be sure not to lose everything you have in your pocket . First of all let’s give a very A summary explanation of how to play roulette and how much we pay in each case:

As everyone should already know, the martingale is to make a minimum bet you have a% 50 chance or more to be won, if you lose it gets to make the same bet but this time taking the average bet, and if it becomes a lose (does almost never) the same is done but with maximum bet.

In this case Martingale linked to colors, it is that to which we go to dedicar. Siempre to go to a real casino roulette recommend them but each participant has a touch screen to place bets, and before playing should wait about ten hands to make a point of colors as there are days in which the colors come in quick succession (3 red, 4 black, 2 red, etc) and others that do very changed, ie almost 1 color and each other.

After watching as the hand comes, wait until a successive output 3 or 4 numbers the same occurs color obviously another bet the minimum bet.

The following “strategy” is just that: A number that comes out twice, runs three.

We have to be very patient and not jump because at the slightest need to bet on any number or any other thing, I pierden. Llevensé a paper with a pen, let him use you without problems and begin to write down one by one the numbers ranging saliendo. Cuando number is repeated, it becomes favorito. Una was repeated once, you leave spend 8-10 hands doing nothing (while still playing the martingale, of course) and then you start to bet with the minimum bet for that favorito.

Tienes number to bet “all hands, the minimum bet and that number” .All the odds of you got to win, and even betting 36 hands and the number goes in the last (assuming always comes much earlier), you get back the money you bet.